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Before we decided on GPOS, we looked a number of systems in order to update our existing system. Now we found GPOS system excellent in every aspect. We can manage our five branches' promotions by simply setting once, and view the sales report online. Also, we can do purchase automatically, saving our employees a lot of labour. Their on-going support is really satisfying as well. Their software developers have taken our suggestions and made the changes we required. We look forward to a long working relationship with them.


We have collaborated with GPOS over more than 10 years. GPOS retail solution has revolutionised how we work. Previously we were simply working on roughly estimated stock, purchases, sales and margin, now we have detailed sales analysis and accurate stock control.

Golden Apple

With GPOS's support, we have become a high-tech supermarket. We have a greater ability to manage our sales, purchase and stock, and do promotions as well. By the way, GPOS's hand-held stock receiving APP is really handy!


GPOS is an essential partner in our retail solutions. Their system is robust and popular with our customers. They also continue to improve on what is already a fantastic product to meet all the needs of both dairy shops and chain stores.

Xi Yun Lai

We like GPOS hospitality system, and have recommended them to my friends. With their POS system, we greatly improved our food service and customers' satisfaction.

Kebab On Queen

GPOS is a cloud-based point of sale solution, and it is quite suitable for our chain stores. The system come with strong order and check-out features, also clear reports for all our branches.

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