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AerPOS is an elegant and powerful all-in-one system, designed to be used in the toughest retail and hospitality environments. It is a very durable and compact system that fits beautifully on any point of sale counter. The modular design features also ensures high serviceability.

Durable and Cost-Efficient
3 inch Thermal
Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer


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Ideal cash drawer for linking to our point of sale system printers. Cash drawer will open when you print a receipt. Has manual open using the key too! This is a heavy duty drawer that will take the knocks and last the distance.

Cash Drawer

High performance 1D linear scanner increases productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service.

Handheld Scanner

Productivity Index Reporting™

360° 5-sided scanning

Host Download

FirstStrike advanced decoding

integrated Produce Lift Bar

All-Weighs Scale Platter

Scale and Scanner