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  • Quick Guide For EFTPOS.
    1.Log On: Menu-3-2. 2.Settle: Menu-2-3-Enter. 3.Restart: Func-86-Enter. 4.Reprint Last Receipt: Menu-3-3.
  • What should I Do When EFTPOS Shows 'Log on Required'?
    You Need To Do a Log On which is Menu-3-2.
  • How to get my Merchant No?
    You need to apply EFTPOS Merchant No from your bank. we need your merchant no for setting. If you are short term rental: We can provide the merchant No. If you already have a merchant no. we can help to transfer in new EFTPOS Machine.
  • What is the GPOS Cloud System?
    GPOS Cloud system is hosting all your data.You can view your sales transcation from any where. You are easily manage franchise branch and even update price in cloud system and synchronization to all branch. See our Solutionpages for details.
  • How to backup my system?
    You can set up in GPOS System for autobackup or Manually backup GPOS System by autobackup release and save data in any External Drive.
  • EFTPOS Machine can intergrated with GPOS?
    GPOS POS System can integrated with Ingenico, DPS EFTPOS Machine.
  • Is my business information secure?
    Yes. Your information is encrypted during transmission. You control access to your website, and only customers with a username and password can gain entry.
  • Where can I get support?
    We provide support to all our customers, you simply call us on (09)623-2176 and our technicians will solve any problems. you also can add GPOS in webchart to get automatic support Or Click Here to send Online Enquiry.
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